BP2A0080Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving offers enough challenges in themselves, without having to scramble looking for the best supplies. I want to share what supplies I like to use, as it makes a difference in your final works.

I use 100% merino wool for roving and weft yarns (the weaver yarns), and I prefer to let others spin my warp, using yellow cedar bark, as it takes 6-8 weeks to spin 1000 yarns for a full-size robe. That’s a lot of weaving time used for spinning, eh?

I get my roving and weft yarns from Louet, a Canadian company, who also has headquarters in America.

But the easiest way to weave, is to buy a kit from Northwest Coast Weavers Supply, my small business. We have beginner kits, hand-dyed yarns in brilliant blue and yellow, books from the Ravenstail Weavers Guild, video tutorials to get you warping up your loom, and excellent customer service. The best way to get me is on Facebook, NW Coast Weavers Supply.